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Story City creates a fusion that functions as a catalyst to the co-existence of diverse music.

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Time and Materials CD Reviews


"[Time and Materials] works not only towards the success of the effort but also the aesthetic upleveling of the audience, introducing it to thought processes well beyond the mundanities of slick radio venues dedicated to lite jazz and such"

--Mark S. Tucker,



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"There is an art to merging different styles so that they have some kind of coherence. Story City has nailed it. Time and Materials is an album you will want to spend some time with. More importantly, it is an album that will reward you for that timeā€”the more time, the greater the reward."

--Jack Goodstein,



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Hot Summer Jazz Fest

Story City will be performing at the Twin Cities' Hot Summer Jazz Fest, June 28th @ 5pm in Mears Park


River Front Jazz Festival


Story City

time and materials

Story City: Time and Materials